Corporate Info

Golcondia, the world’s first brand and showroom of cultured diamonds, is the exclusive distributor of cultured diamonds from IIA Technologies in Singapore.

Considered the world’s largest diamond “greenhouse,” occupying 20,000 sqm of land area, the company produces Type IIA diamonds, the purest kind of diamond on earth. Only less than two percent of the world’s mined diamonds are Type IIA. On average, the facility can produce diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 2 carats. The laboratory can grow up to a 3 carat diamond.

IIA Technologies has been in the business for the past 10 years, investing heavily in research and development. The company CEO Vishal Mehta and President Tomy Florencio were classmates at Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They’ve been friends ever since.

Golcondia is driven by a noble vision, to promote real diamonds that are environment-friendly and guaranteed conflict-free. No mining bloodshed nor child or abusive labor practices were involved in the growth of cultured diamonds.

Brand Story

“Golconda” is a mining region in India that is fabled for its perfectly pure diamonds that were discovered as far as 3,000 years ago. The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous diamonds that originated from that legendary mine. In modern times, “Golconda” is used to define diamonds with the purest of attributes, satisfying desires and passions of man’s quest for beauty and perfection.

We have named our company GOLCONDIA to echo this heritage and to serve as a reminder of the place where the best diamonds were born.

We believe that our diamonds serve as a reminder of one’s legacy. To its wearer, a diamond becomes a time capsule, a vessel containing a lifetime of cherished memories and milestones. We hope that with our diamonds, you may still be able to continue on with this valuable tradition in a more socially responsible way.

Our diamonds, while young, will certainly exist until the end of time. And as you own one of our cultured diamonds, we celebrate the legacy of your journey and your memories when it becomes an heirloom to those who follow your footsteps.

From A Tiny Seed To A Sparkling Jewelry

Diamond seeds are needed to begin the process for a diamond to grow. The diamond seed is then placed in a diamond growing greenhouse, a highly controlled environment that replicates the nature’s conditions for a diamond seed to grow, atom-by-atom, in a vacuum. The diamond growing greenhouses are state-of-the-art facilities run by highly-skilled engineers, scientists and physicists to calibrate heat and pressure identical to what occurs deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Golcondia has contracted independent Greenhouses, which are located in Singapore, United States, Belgium and Netherlands to supply the gems.

After harvesting as rough diamonds, Golcondia’s cultured diamonds go through the same supply chain as mined diamonds. They are sent to the same diamond cutting and polishing centers located in Israel, Belgium, Russia and China. Afterwards, these diamonds are sent to international buying offices located in Dubai, Hong Kong and United States. Once selected, the diamonds are sent to reputable third-party laboratories such as HRD Antwerp, GIA and IGI for grading and certification. Once certified, they are sent to the Golcondia head office where some are selected for setting into fine jewelry while the remaining loose diamonds are sold to the wholesale market.

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