GOLCONDIA heralds the new age of diamonds

“Man has finally learned how to make REAL diamonds at a commercially viable level. Cultured Diamonds have the same chemical, optical, and physical properties as mined diamonds but priced 30% less for colorless, 50% less for fancy yellow, and 90% less for fancy pink.”, says Tomy Florencio, president of GOLCONDIA, a Manila-based company that prides itself of being the first to introduce the grown diamonds in  the local market by opening a showroom located at the upscale Shangri-La Plaza East Wing.
Not to be confused with diamond look-alikes or “simulants” such as Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, White Sapphire, etc., GOLCONDIA Cultured Diamonds carry the same hardness and refractive index as mined diamonds. Cultured Diamonds are also graded and certified by reputable international laboratories such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), HRD Antwerp, among others.
“These laboratories already recognize the existence of Cultured Diamonds; the only differentiator is the point of origin. Other than that distinction, they are both deemed equally as beautiful and desirable. What you get is a REAL diamond.”, says Florencio.
Currently, colorless Cultured Diamonds are grown from .30pts to 3carats while the fancy color variety (pink, yellow, and blue) are grown from .15pts to 3carats.

GOLCONDIA reports that Cultured Diamonds are being grown at a steady rate but it has barely scratched the surface of the mined diamond industry in terms of volume. “To illustrate, over 150 Million carats of diamonds are mined every year while only 150,000 carats are grown each month by a handful of diamond farms. Cultured Diamonds are produced at only .1% of total mined diamond volume per year.”
“What makes Cultured Diamonds unique and special are their rare attributes: they are environmentally friendly because they are not mined from the Earth and account for a smaller carbon footprint; they are guaranteed 100% conflict free and do not run the risk of various ethical and social issues; and they have an unprecedented value compared to the price of mined diamonds. We are essentially here to offer the consumer a new choice.”, remarks Florencio.
GOLCONDIA also offers interested diamond jewelry retailers and diamond jewelry afficionados the chance to view these gems on a by-appointment basis. To schedule an appointment or to get more information about GOLCONDIA’s Cultured Diamonds, please contact Tomy Florencio at tomy@golcondia.com.
GOLCONDIA opened the world’s first Cultured Diamond showroom last December 11, 2014 at Mid Level 2/3 of Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.  For more information on Golcondia’s collections and services, visit www.golcondia.com or e-mail info@golcondia.com